Triangle-Shaped Bicycle Wheels

Triangle-Shaped Bicycle Wheels
May 2023

Sergii Gordieiev--who is described as "an engineer by profession and inventive fabricator by nature"--continues to push what is possible in the category of cycling design, debuting triangle-shaped bicycle wheels. Given that in the past, Gordieiev revealed a square-wheeled bicycle that worked, the triangle-shaped version seems a bit more logically permissible. Of course, despite its irregularly shaped wheels, the Reuleaux triangle cycle can get one from point A to point B. From a user perspective, it operates like any other pedal-powered two-wheeler. In fact, the bicycle can reportedly "traverse and maneuver uneven terrain like dirt trails with equal dexterity" but "doesn't ride as smoothly as the square-shaped version."
Sure to capture anyone's attention on the street, the triangle-shaped bicycle by Sergii Gordieiev is a novelty item that shows with a little imagination and the right tools, everything is possible.
Image Credit: Sergii Gordieiev