Kiara Advani Loves Drinking Her Greens, Here's Why You Should Too

Kiara Advani Loves Drinking Her Greens, Here's Why You Should Too

Thanks to social media, we get a sneak peek into the lives of our favourite Bollywood celebrities now and then. While a lot of them keep us posted about their upcoming projects with their social media handles, others are quite active on their SM and often take us through their day by sharing pictures, and videos from the shoot sets, vacays, and home.Kiara Advani recently took to her Instagram handle and shared a boomerang video of her sipping on a glass of green juice. With the Instagram story, she asked her followers to drink their greens.Not just Advani, Bollywood celebs are obsessed with green juices and you must have spotted a lot of them sipping on these or recommending their fans to make them a part of their daily diet. So, we thought of bringing you an easy green juice recipe along with its benefits from Dietician Manpreet Kalra, Founder Director, Manpreet Nutriapt Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Green Detox Juice

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1 Amla Handful Of Coriander Leaves 1/2 Cucumber 1 Green Apple 1/2 Tsp Basil Seeds 150 ml Coconut Water Directions Add all the ingredients to a blender. Strain the juice and drink up. Those with gut health issues should strain the juice completely.

Benefits Of Green Juices

Talking about the benefits of green juices, our expert said, "Green juice is a healthy way to kick start your mornings, as it offers numerous health benefits including detoxification, immunity boosting, improved gut health, reduced inflammation, and weight loss."Further, she shared that adding ingredients like amla, coriander leaves, cucumber, and basil leaves can help boost overall health. AmlaRich in vitamin C, amla helps to boost the immune system, makes skin glow, prevents premature ageing, and reduces dark spots and wrinkles. Amla is also a natural blood purifier that further improves skin health.Coriander LeavesPacked with alkaloids and flavonoids, dhaniya or coriander leaves help in improving liver function and detoxification of the body. The anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing inflammation and are beneficial for those with fatty liver. Don't Miss: What Does Kareena Kapoor Eat In A Day? Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Shares Actress' Diet PlanCucumber[photo2]Cucumbers are packed with 90 percent of water which makes them a hydrating agent for your body. Adding cucumber to your diet helps in keeping your skin moisturised and clean. It keeps skin issues like dryness at bay. Also, let us tell you cucumbers can do wonders for your digestive health. They prevent issues like acidity, constipation, and acidity.Don't Miss: Saag To White Butter, Nutritionist Decodes Shilpa Shetty's Dinner PlateBasil SeedsThese little seeds are great for your gut. They help in regulating bowel movement, act as a stomach cleanser, prevent constipation, and help in relieving gas. Our expert further shared that these seeds are loaded with iron and vitamin K and help in improving kidney function.Coconut WaterAdding coconut water to your green juice further adds to the nutrient quotient of your green juice. It has good fatty acids that help prevent blood sugar spikes and maintain electrolyte balance in the body. Coconut water also improves your skin's radiance. No wonder why celebrities are flaunting their glowing skin all the time. Our health expert concluded that though these ingredients can help boost your overall health, make sure you consult your doctor before adding them to your diet if undergoing medical treatment.