Anicka's Biography

Anicka's Biography
Mar 2023


Anicka's Biography

Who is Anicka?
Anicka is a model, from new delhi, also known Annu, Mishti jQuery('#footnote_plugin_tooltip_317961_1_3').tooltip({ tip: '#footnote_plugin_tooltip_text_317961_1_3', tipClass: 'footnote_tooltip', effect: 'fade', predelay: 0, fadeInSpeed: 200, delay: 400, fadeOutSpeed: 200, position: 'top right', relati.
When is Anicka's birthday?
Anicka was born on 1999-06-09.
What is Anicka's nationality?
Anicka holds ındian citizenship.
What is Anicka's zodiac sign?
Anicka's zodiac sign is gemini .
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What is Anicka's physical appearance?
with the following measurements: 34-28-34 ınches.
Height: 5’ feet 5” inches (1.65 m)
Weigh: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Hair color: black
Eyes color: black
What is Anicka's education and career?
What is Anicka's marital status is?
Anicka is unmarried.
Who is/are the brother(s) of Anicka?
Anicka's brother(s) is/are deepanshu sharma (younger) .
What is Anicka's favorite food?
Anicka's favorite food is pizza .
Where can I find Anicka on social media?
Anicka can be found on social media at